Perceval are intermediaries to private and public sector organisations dedicated to the design, production and distribution of currency.

Our core expertise is relationship management: we manage multidisciplinary projects between our clients, principals and end-users in a government-focused business that prioritises confidentiality, security and compliance.

Established in 1995 and based in Hong Kong since 2008, we operate in Greater China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

For the private sector, we share our insight on regional economic and geopolitical trends, helping clients frame commercial, industrial, investment and Business-to-Government strategies. Our team of specialists will then implement the subsequent plans through relationship-building, contract negotiation, project management and technical support.

For the state sector, Perceval conducts confidential risk-mitigation mandates for central banks, government agencies and issuing authorities. We advise on potential threats and provide objective recommendations on appropriate counter-measures through proven up-to-date technologies. We support state currency plants and mints with technical briefings, production trials and know-how transfers.

We operate three primary businesses:

  • Representations
  • Consulting
  • Technical services

We have evolved a flexible team structure that enables us to assign our experts to a variety of specialist mandates:

  • Our Management Team is based in Hong Kong and coordinates the firm’s activities throughout the region.
  • Our Associates are industry experts assigned on a project basis. They leverage their track record of having successfully delivered mandates for Perceval’s clients in their chosen field of expertise.
  • Our Local Partners are based in Asia’s capitals.  They are long-standing, insightful and experienced collaborators who provide an invaluable logistical, legal and administrative framework to support project implementation.